Perhaps you believe you already know everything about your property’s legal description. If needed, you could discover that old plat and precisely assess where your land begins and ends. Also, you totally know who is entitled to come for your land and why. If you are not familiar with those things, it would be best to hire a land surveyor. Here are the following reasons why: 


Boundary Lines 

Above all the reasons why property owners opt to ask for a Charlotte surveyor’s assistance is because of the location of boundary lines together with other lines of possessions or occupancy, which is a crucial part of detail to get before building a fence, pave your driveway, or add a sun-room. Frequently, the survey displays that you and your neighbors were having misconceptions regarding the positioning of the boundary line amid your land, not your neighbors. Moreover, the certification of the boundary line will tell you whether your property’s information is precise and correct. 

Gaps, overlaps, and gores 

The majority of the surveys have a statement that except if the survey says, there are no differences between the adjoining property and your boundary lines property. This is particularly true once your property is linked with streets, highways, roads, or alleys.  

Abandoned roads, easements, and right of way 

A survey can determine all the imposed conditions based on law, which are shown in your agreements and title report of your property.  

Lakes, wells, streams, creeks, rivers, and ponds 

The usual survey reports apparent or only surface waters. Wetlands and underground waters are topics that are better covered by some expert inspections. 

Projections, overhang, encroachments, rights of support, party walls, or joint driveways 

You and your neighbor might now know that you could have a responsibility by law to support the driveway of your neighbors by keeping up your own. 

Current improvements 

Commonly, the surveyor will attest that the buildings and some repairs, alterations, and improvements to your home that existed during the survey do not violate any restrictions or laws, such as in regards to parking, set-backs, building lines, frontage, dimension, bulk, and height. Aside from that, the land surveyor will let you know if your current repairs or improvement have violated laws or a local ordinance, which will notify you that an alteration is in order.  

Poles, lines, catch basins, manhole covers, vaults, cables, wires, drains, telegraph pipes and telephone, gas, electric, and water 

Above-ground wires and poles are apparent, however, the land surveyor could typically report on the underground drains and cables existing once the information is given to him/her by your municipality and utility companies. This type of information is essential due to 2 reasons. A utility company might get the privilege to utilize a part of your property to maintain the electrical lines, and might have the power to demand in terms of your tall should your trees grow, for example. Aside from that, it is very important to be aware of the precise location of underground utilities prior to the beginning of construction or excavation.