When the holiday season approaches, the roads are busy, the malls are hectic, and a lot of us will plan to visit their loved ones or families over the holiday vacation. Despite all the bustle and hustle, we should never forget that this is also one of the times where a lot of bad people maximize the noise the holiday season gives, which results in a home invasion. If you’re planning to leave your condominium or Penrith apartment units unattended over the holidays, you should remember the following tips below to have a worry-free vacation away from your home:

Keep your belongings out of sight

If you have paid additional dues, you have already added security for your apartment or condo area. However, just to add more security, it is recommended to keep your important belongings, which you can’t bring with you, in a discreet location. This can be applied to gadgets, jewelry, and some important things that can be shuffled and hidden away.

Turn off water and electricity and pull out plugs

Make sure to switch off your water supply cause if in case one pipe will burst while you are not around, your home won’t become a pool as soon as you reach home. Simultaneously, you can add an additional security measure by turning off your electricity’s main plug in case you forget anything while you are heading out.

Let your apartment admin know about your plans to have a vacation

The best thing in dwelling in condominiums and apartments is that there will virtually always be someone around your places. You should tell your landlady or condo admin the exact dates of your arrival and departure. This way, they can be notified and they will anticipate that no activity will happen in your unit. Also, they can alert you once they see people that try to enter your premises or someone who looks for you.

Never purchase any perishables

This tip is quite easy. However, with all the take-homes and parties, it is simple to forget to not purchase perishables within this season. You do not want to be infested and compacted with the smell of rotten food once you reach your home. As much as possible, do not purchase fresh produce and anything that can easily spoil, especially if you are planning to go on a vacation for a longer time.

Throw away the biodegradables and trash

Just the same with leaving out perishables, you should remove all the biodegradables and trash in your house before you leave. Once you can have enough time, it would be best if you do a general cleaning before heading out to your destination.

Don’t leave wet clothes or dirty laundry

Dirty clothes are one of the reasons why there’s a pungent smell circulating over your house. The best thing to do with dirty clothes would be to bring them all to your trusted laundryman and ask him to never deliver them until you get back.

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