Kitchen remodeling is one of the preferred projects if you want to resell your home in the future. Experts say that along with a bathroom, a nice kitchen can make you some good deals with house buyers. If you are looking for some ideas for your kitchen projects, you are lucky you stumbled on this website. We specialize in helping people improve their houses.   

2022 kitchen trends are all about combining sophisticated designs, minimalist style, and nice, luxurious accessories.  

In 2022, contemporary designs are leaning forward to bold colors and textures and so putting on a permanent bold color is now a trend. This might put you off a little as permanent color last for several years. However, experts notice that bolder colors have made a comeback from the past and now they help homeowners sell their houses at a good price. Permanent bold colors mean brighter colors in some of your kitchen elements and fixtures like green and blue. Yes, you read that right. These colors are making their comeback! When in doubt, you can also choose earth tones, deep plums, gray greens, and navy blues.   

The next design feature you can utilize is minimalism. Clean and tidy kitchens are always a preference in 2022 as we are leaning toward technology and functionality. Gone are those appliances that have a lot of cords and elements. Additionally, you can opt for geometric patterns, fine-grained woods, and angular design on appliances and faucets to apply the minimalistic approach to style. You can also try organic flowing shapes as this will also be trending this year 2022. Talking about organic, walnut and dark oak have linear grains so they are aesthetically preferable. Try contacting Tri County Cabinets and opt for darker tone wood for your material.   

In addition, putting layers on your design map is advisable and preferable. This means that you layer patterns, textures, lighting, and more to add variety to your designs. Choose a single pattern and try to layer it into different areas and colors. When it comes to lighting, ensure you have ambient and accent lighting.   

When it comes to your statement island, we recommend putting more space to make it a statement. This will not just add to the aesthetics but also to kitchen functionality. A bigger space will be of use when you are cooking or baking. Some homes opt for a bar-style island or two separated statement islands; one in the middle and the other on the edge of the kitchen.   

No-knob cabinets are also in trend now. This adds to a more minimalistic approach to kitchen design, making it cleaner and more sophisticated when it comes to appearance.   

Lastly, natural materials are now on the rise. Cement, stone, and wood materials for your kitchen counters, cabinets, and other fixtures as well as accessories. You can also put on some plants and flowers in your kitchen to make it more organic.   

Paying attention to your kitchen will definitely boost some sales. So, you can treat your remodeling and upgrade projects as an investment.