Land surveying is indeed a complex business. That is why there are some misconceptions regarding why people need it and what it is about. If you are thinking about having your land surveyed, you are most likely to have been a victim of some of the following myths that can help you decide the wrong decision. To assist you, we will debunk some of the misconceptions about land surveying: 


They are not necessary 

Once the survey stakes are determined from a survey before, what you only know is that the previous surveyor might have stated that this location was on the property’s edge. But, this does not guarantee the accuracy of the survey at times when you claim that you’ve located your property line. An expert land surveyor will be able to determine whether the property line you’re claiming is really within your property. In several cases, the property owners are usually surprised to know that a surveying monument might never be the same at all. In addition, the findings from a certified land surveyor would hold up in court, while your findings won’t. 


You can construct your fence on a property line without the need of a survey 

Even if you are determined that the portion you will be constructing your fence on is yours, it is always a good idea to secure your investment by guaranteeing that you exactly know where the property lines are located. Once you eventually found out that you’ve accidentally erected a fence onto your neighboring land, you might be required to tear your work down. Before you build a fence, you should think twice and guarantee that it is within your property line. To do this, you might as well need to contact a professional land surveyor.  


It’s unusual for a neighbor to have your property line encroached 

Believe it or not, illegal encroachment is actually more common than you believe and land surveyors can determine this kind of problem. To make sure that the portion of a property either legally belongs to you or your neighbors, it would be recommended to commission a land surveyor to determine and let you know of your accurate property line. 


You don’t need to have your land surveyed for the second time 

Land surveying is not a precise science but an art. Two surveyors can possibly get various outcomes. Moreover, two surveyors that works at different times might not have a similar available evidence since the measurements are done according to the evidence found. The new surveyor will have the advantage of installed monuments by the last surveyor. Once the result of the survey is being questioned, it might be worse to get another survey performed on your property. 


To get a survey done is too costly 

This is not true at all. In fact, to have a survey performed once you actually need one could make you spend thousands of dollars along the way, particularly if one of your structure has encroached the land of your neighbors and that is the last thing that you want to experience. Calling an expert is the best way to go. For more info, visit the website now. 

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