Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? If so, you’re probably wondering what kitchen cabinet design you should choose.  

If you’ve got a particular style in mind, you should go with it. When selecting kitchen cabinets, the most important thing to consider is the design that you like. After choosing the style you prefer, you can stain or paint the doors of your cabinets to fit the theme of your kitchen. 

However, if you want to opt for the classic kitchen look. Here are a couple of classic cabinets in Huntersville NC you should consider: 

High-Quality Accessories 

We may not always notice it, but the knobs and handles on our cabinets and drawers may convey a lot of information. They can also offer a lovely finishing touch to the kitchen. 

Choosing a specific color or design again for the kitchen can really tie everything together. Colors can bring out the fine tones in cabinets and countertops. 

Full-Height Cabinets 

All of us had cabinets in our kitchen with extra storage space on top of them. It’s a pain to get items up there, and all they do is accumulate dust or provide a hiding place for the cat. 

Bringing the cabinets way down the ceiling improves the flow of the kitchen. It also allows for storage within the cabinet rather than on top. The lowest section of the cabinet is intended for daily use. The upper section can be utilized to keep items that aren’t used all of the time, such as good appliances or dishes. 

Soft-Close Cabinets 

Soft-close glides and hinges for our drawers and cabinets will always be a desirable feature. These hinges and slides have held up nicely to all of our abuse. 

Low Maintenance 

Cabinets that are simple to clean and maintain will never go out of fashion. They get splattered on, scraped against, and have items poured on and in them. Nobody wants to spend much time scrubbing the insides of their vehicles. 

Surfaces that aren’t porous are always a good idea. Just because it’s on the inside doesn’t mean it can’t become soiled, moldy, or smelly. Also, aligning shelves is tedious and never turns out as planned. 


Quality cabinets will always be one of the cabinet trends to follow if you are building a new house, renovating an old one, or simply looking to improve. Ask anyone who has saved a significant amount of money by purchasing less expensive cabinetry. 

Our kitchen cabinets are often put to the test. We use them on a daily basis and open and close them several times. Pets and children slam them, bump into them, and scratch them. They take a lot of punishment. 

You want them to withstand more than a few slams. While the color can typically be changed, the quality must always come first. Even if you’re flipping a house, you should always choose high-quality cabinets. 

When you’re planning to renovate your kitchen and install new cabinets, make sure you hire a professional cabinet company for help. They can create custom cabinets that will fit your new kitchen.